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Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never, Ever Destroy The World
Production being based on opportunity relies on external reactions to create a cycle. Even the fastest machine often finds itself waiting.

The Studio Is Almost Ready! Expect a Spring 2018 opening...

Well, folks! It's been just over a year and though theres a few more things to finish up, the studio is alive! Spring 2018 will include a secret early viewing for family and friends and then a public opening with snacks and entertainment later on.

Its been great fun building this place... can't wait to see what comes of it. Something so satisfying about nurturing a vision into reality. It's turned out much cooler than I expected which means I expect to create even more interesting things with it in the years to come.

In future news: A new idea is brewing for some land a little north of here...stay tuned.

(Oct 19, 2017):The front drywall has been sanded and skimmed. Nice to have whitish walls again. Next month...more painting!

(Oct 6, 2017):Drywall mud is now gracing almost every wall. Front room is sanded. By end of this month all the drywall will be skimmed, primed, and painted. Exterior is now painted ahead of schedule and some of the prep work for stucco has been done.

(Sept 23, 2017):The stage has been built in the main theatre. Couple more doors done. Exterior is sealed for the winter. I've lined up new stucco and paint for the spring. Dance floor is started. Floor is reenforced. Walls all done. Some floor done on the back third of the building. All the hard stuff is done now. Finishing work and decoration is the focus now.

(Aug 19, 2017):Ceilings are all done; even in the utility room. I've put the acoustic underlay and floors down in the control room and back hall. Shelves are built at the front. Touch screen is installed in the wall along with the first camera. Got the bones of the stage built in the theatre. Gonna go with a more classical painted textured drywall mud for the front walls to finish that up and at the back I'm gonna do something special for the music room. For now I'm gonna just float around for a week or so doing odd jobs and relaxing while the weather is awesome!

(July 19, 2017): Liquid rubber is everywhere! All walls are done; two ceilings left but they are smaller ones;Added a studio window between music room and control room. This place is looking awesome! Can't wait to see the results I get this next few weeks.

(June 23, 2017): The ceilings are goood to go on the front half of the building. Got two more rooms to do and possibly a 3rd if I'm feeling frisky. Gonna be working in the music room for the next few days. This has been a fun year! Production is the best; love doing this type of stuff every day.

(June 11, 2017): Vents are done; Flexible duct has replaced old rigid duct. Still doing liquid rubber at back and exterior needs alot of work now. New window still not here. Added more LED lights in entrance ways. Working on bathroom ceiling next.

(May 29, 2017): Almost done with the liquid rubber; 90% of the vents are in place and working well. Gonna finish up the last few jumper vents this week and then I'm replacing the heat ducts with insulated flexible duct. Need to add parasite ducts to reduce air to two hard ducts in studio main room. Also gonna continue work on exterior; new front window should be in next week.

(Apr 4, 2017): Sealing the whole interior with liquid rubber. When I'm done this place will look like a freshly printed Japanese toy!

(Mar 2, 2017): Door frames and doors and electrical and plumbing :). It's been a busy month and there has been much progress. I figure a few more weeks and I can start putting up pictures...maybe a slideshow since I've been taking pics the whole time it'd be nice to see the progression.

(Jan 22, 2017): Wow I am exhausted but this is all going to be worth it. Ran out of funds so I've been working on the tedious jobs that still need to be done but don't require more materials. More funds in a couple weeks and then I can finish off the drywall for good. This place is livable now, but it is far from ready for the public.

(Dec 23, 2016): So much work! Worth it! Got a little delayed and had to wait for some materials, but it's really coming together. Weeks away from sound checks :) Instruments are being gathered. Gonna take a few more months to finish up the detail work.

(Nov 24, 2016): We are done most of the odds and ends. Sealing outside windows, attaching drain pipes, moving electrical. Still on track for main, and expensive, builds to be done by end of month. Then I'll take a month or two to catch up on costs and plan some of the first few months of sound and video tests! Exciting times!

(Nov 17, 2016): Almost all drywall done, still need to finish mudding. Framing and main structure is all finished. Building shower and bathroom is coming along nicely. Still have floors and ceilings to do. Looks like we will aim for end of November.

(Oct 28, 2016): Made adjustments to the residential side, finished almost all the detailed framing. So close now I can almost see it...

(Oct 21, 2016): First layers of drywall and all the main rooms have been formed. We are on track to finish renoes by mid November!

(Oct 7, 2016): Floating floor for main sound isolation chamber is decoupled, insolated, green glued and pressed flat. Oh, and floating. The hardest stuff is now done. Floor tiles have been ordered. Next up is insolating the walls and then drywall, and then final touch ups. The rest of the rooms are trivial in comparison to the main sound studio.

(Oct 2, 2016): Green Glue arrives on Tuesday, underlay going down tomorrow and then Tuesday it's all about making thick double drywall plates with Green Glue for noice reduction. Then we finish insulating!

(Sept 23, 2016): Wall framing for all primary areas are now done. Vibration control underlay for main studio space will arrive next Thursday. Applying drywall to all vanity walls next.

(Sept 20, 2016): Wall framing has begun. Used over 30 "tobafores" already! Expect to have all regular walls (studio walls are built later as isolated chambers) in place by end of this week.

(Sept 17, 2016): Got a beautiful pure bread Blue Heeler pup to guard/build-buddy the new studio!

(Sept 10, 2016): The interior is gutted for the most part! Ceiling treated for loss gap.

(Sept 4, 2016): The new roof done! Next we do the eaves.

Capitalism In A Nutshell

It's useful to realize Capitalism can be about Capitalizing on a Free Market Opportunity, rather than Controlling Capital through a Stock Exchange; as the "elite economists" would have us assume.

Production is the point of Capitalism. A Capitalist produces.

It's constrained in that all parties must get ahead solving an actual problem to be considered a good deal. Capitalism is very social, a Social Market must always be Free.

It encourages Collaboration toward Enterprise. Let's explore, together, what makes us Extraordinary as Individuals.

Magic Made Easy

Magic Made Easy

A simple inoculation against Fraud by understanding as many simple tricks as you can.

Please enjoy this sensational 19th century collection of mystifying pocket & stage tricks! Including tricks with cards or coins!

The Lazarus Bird
It will be found so stunned and stiffed as to fall upon the ground in a state of suspended animation.

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Foulsham's Fortune Teller

Foulsham's Fortune Teller

Everyone thinks they have a system for success. The entire Speculation game is based on this fallacy. Wishfull thinking is a poison; treat yourself to the antidote by learning the ancient art of Fortune Telling.

Were You Born between September 23rd and October 23rd?

The Period of Libra. It has, as its symbol, a pair of scales or a balance. Venus is the planet which guides its destinies. The best colours for Libra are brown, green, blue. If born in September your lucky stone will be Sapphire. If October, Opal.

A maiden born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in the Sepember breeze,
A Sapphire on her brow should bind,
'Twill cure diseases of the mind.

October child is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes must know;
But lay an Opal on her breast
And hope will lull those woes to rest.

The Workman Artist
Caricatures By H. M. Bateman