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The studio is ready for action and production has already begun! If you want to get started working in the studio then just reach out and see what happens.

What Is Verboten?

In 2016 I began the search for a studio location. I found it in a perfect little town. After spending almost $100,000 renovating it the second part of the plan has now begun...the hunt for land. I need a production park where I can create an experience like no other. Fresh content every single day. A quarter section or so of beautiful landscape, hills, forest, and even a meandering creek.

I'm not following the Disneyland model. I'm creating a machine for generating content with a proprietary value extraction and delivery service like Disney did, but my methods are entirely different. From the outside I can get why its hard to understand exactly what I'm doing, but trust me, it can work and if I pull it off it could inspire many more to follow in my model.

I've put my money and time where my mouth is. Help me bring this park into reality. You can be part of something very special. Contribute at

HELP WANTED [Call or email for interview]

I need a part time store clerk. 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. Pays $12/hr

Verboten is opening up a store front to sell paintings, rare books, old comics, forgotten unexplainables and other rare or one of a kind items. It's going to take me the winter to gather equipment for the recording studio and I need to keep busy in the meantime. What you see here won't be seen readily elsewhere. Every item is unique. Might be an antique, then again maybe not. The point isn't to be old...but one of a kind or nearly so.

If you're an artist bring in some examples and I'll take a look.


Must be smart. Must be honest. Must be good with customers. Must work for $12/hr.


Computer Services
[Call or email for appointment]

To help recoup my costs of building a studio in Preeceville, I will be offering regular service at half my usual rate of 120.00/hr. So $60/hr for the rest of 2018 while I gather together equipment for recording services next year.

Computer cleaning, repair, websites, mobile apps, and desktop software. Can also set up any server side operations. Advanced business consulting services by request though additional fees may apply.

Happy to teach or tutor students at my studio who are interested in learning how to program, web author, and develop apps generally for $40/hr.

Over 20 years servicing businesses in Regina. I like interesting technology projects, too, so will entertain ideas and partnerships for engineered development of new devices and machines.

Verboten Advanced Production Park (VAPP)

Coming Spring 2019. So you think my 2400 sqft studio is the end game? Think again. Disney had his EPCOT, and I've got VAPP. A quearter section Of potential 10 Minutes Away! All the revenue I earn in Verboten Studio services and publications is ear-marked for further development.

I can see it in my mind's eye so clearly. Someday soon our talented artists and producers will discover a new facility designed to exceed all expectations. A place to live and work; Collaborate and produce a legacy of more advanced creative works.

Our greatest achievements are waiting for us..."in a great big beautiful tomorrow". I can think of at least 17533 things to do today! How about you?

Investment interest will be considered, especially once we start building the resort and recreational areas.

- Anthony Jon Mountjoy, Founder

There are no guarantees in this short life though every accomplishment adds to our legacy of production. We are compounding our boodle and improving our returns. We generate wealth by making original things people need or want. Just good old fashioned capitalism. Time tested and true. Come join our growing society of productive means.

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