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What Is Verboten?
A Mysterious Little Studio With No Clear Reason For Existing And Yet...

Verboten means forbidden especially by authority. Popularized by underground film producers creating content outlawed during the German occupation of France.

Not so long ago I was just like you. These ideas inside me wanted out but I didn't have the means to produce the vision. Something always seemed to push me back down every time I tried to stand up. - Anthony Mountjoy

Introducing Verboten Legacy
A Game Where Crypto Cultivation Encourages Better Content Creation

Verboten Crypto is a unique [24 char] code you receive whenever your character dies playing Verboten Legacy which is associated with studio credits you earn playing the game. More credits mean more opportunities to work with the studio, advance in the game world, leverage our growing talent pool, content, and distribution network to generate real money.

How To Make Real Money With Studio Credits

Some of the features you unlock in the game world also unlock opportunities in real life. Important challenges in the game fundamentally require the player to create and submit fresh high quality content. You can use your credits to skip past certain challenges to reach target zones quickly or purchase other players' content to use in your own mix challenges.

Your best content can earn you real money by finding its way into paying mixes. Maybe even more than one at a time.

When players choose to spend studio credits mixing other players' content it adds to the value of that piece of content within the game generally. Content that reaches high enough value within the game qualify for use in paying projects and earn the content producer real money either through a direct creative budget or through returns on our digital publications. eg. Medium, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Audible, etc.

Got a budget and want to make something cool? Don't be shy! Text (306)570-4218 between 9-5 on weekdays and ask for an appointment to discuss a creative project today!

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We hold secrets here...answers to questions you haven't even thought to ask yet. We are...*choke* [clears throat]...we aaAARE...


Verboten Legacy
Literary Crypto Game For Content Creators


145 cryptocodes issued so far...

No install. No saved games. No log in or sign up. No cookies! NO RISK.

Play. Die. Collect Crypto! Repeat.

The further you get the more studio credits you earn associated with a single Verboten Cryptocode.

Most recent upload was 6/18/2019. New DLC is added almost every day. This is still in BETA so apologies in advance for any glitches and appreciate you sending notice of any problems.

Did you know you can combine cryptocodes?

"Sooner or later your projector fails...the kid in the booth falls asleep...the film catches on fire..and when it does everything you've done here will be lost."
-- Obscure Film Critic

Remember... if you don't take the time to save a code when your character dies then you forfeit all associated profits should content you've supplied while earning it ever generate real money through mix publications.

The studio WILL reclaim all codes that have not been used for 1 year after issuance so be sure to process any applicable cash payouts in a timely manner.

All content submissions outside Verboten Legacy gameplay opportunities must be made in hard copy or usb key sent through snail mail. Contact Editor for exceptions.

Text: (306)570-4218

Text between 9am and 5pm week days to make an appointment.

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