This website is dedicated to all those producers around the world that still fight every day to make something extraordinary. The patriots who shape their own countries; the builders who sacrifice for their families. Learn what you can. Apply what you learn and shape your own future as you see fit.

Do You Have A Talent You'd Like To Pursue?


The studio is ready for action and production has already begun! If you want to get started working in the studio then print and read these documents then follow the instructions they contain.

PDFs: Talent Agreement | Member Benefits | Classes | Auditions

What Is Verboten?

It's a production studio and publishing house operating out of Preeceville, Saskatchewan. Cultivating productive talent in music, gaming, writing, building, and more. Membership is handled annually. ONLY $100CDN PER YEAR! Join today and get access to all our studio services, proprietary content and technology. Learn how to be a producer. Our process and facilities require membership and a signed talent agreement. You will be emailed your initiation package upon confirmation of payment.

Our growing society of productive means is all about facilitating the means of production in order to make a positive return for all involved. We love capitalism! It's our supreme mission to promote opportunity and the capacity of our members to benefit from it.

Download and print the documents you need from the links above then sign and mail to the studio. Include a cheque (no money orders or cash). Alternatively you can always Paypal or send a bank transfer to with a note to let us know what it's for but we will still require your signed talent agreement in hard copy.

Verboten Advanced Production Park (VAPP)

So you think my 2400 sqft studio is the end game? Think again. Disney had his EPCOT, and I've got VAPP. All the revenue I earn in Verboten Studio services and publications is ear-marked for further development.

I can see it in my mind's eye so clearly. Someday soon our talented artists and producers will discover a new facility designed to exceed all expectations. A place to live and work; Collaborate and produce a legacy of more advanced creative works.

So far I'm thinking I'll need about 16 acres. By design the place should comfortably house and support up to 200 people. Beyond that and I'll be into the next park.

Our greatest achievements are waiting for us..."in a great big beautiful tomorrow". I can think of at least 1295 things to do today! How about you?

Investment interest will be considered, especially once we start building the dense residential area aka condos.

- Anthony Jon Mountjoy, Founder

There are no guarantees in this short life though every accomplishment adds to our legacy of production. We are compounding our boodle and improving our returns. We generate wealth by making original things people need or want. Just good old fashioned capitalism. Time tested and true. Come join our growing society of productive means.

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